🤯 You won't believe what the SEC just did

Gemini will trade security tokens and a blockchain exchange has emerged!

We have a new STO live-trading on CryptoSX and trackable on STOmarket.com!

The company is Dignity Gold and the security token is backed by United States-based gold reserves!

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As always, I have two captivating topics for you to dive into:

1️⃣  You won't believe what the SEC just did: The SEC just approved a national exchange that is fully-blockchain integrated! Will security tokens be trading on the public stage?

2️⃣  The Winklevii are from a galaxy far far away: Gemini gets approval to trade security tokens. A user base of 13.6M is about to get educated on security tokens!

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🤯 You won't believe what the SEC just did

Just when we thought the week couldn't get better after the Gemini and Symbridge approvals to trade security tokens, the SEC just one-upped it.

You may have heard of NASDAQ and the NYSE as the top two exchanges here in the US, but have you heard of BSTX?

Oh, you haven't?

Allow me to introduce you to BSTX:

"My name is Boston Security Token Exchange (BSTX). That's B-S to the T-X LLC."

BSTX is a joint venture between tZERO group and BOX Digital Markets - tZERO will be providing the technological infrastructure; whereas, BOX will be providing the exchange license. 

From what I have gathered via the official SEC filing and the press release, it appears that trading on the exchange is unfortunately not yet approved.

However, there are still two key aspects that the SEC has authorized:

  1. Shorter Settlements: This means BSTX can enable T+0 or T+1 settlement for transactions on the exchange.
  2. Proprietary Blockchain Data Feed: BSTX will use a secure, private-permissioned blockchain that it controls to make participant market data available to relevant parties.

In regard to the settlement, it's important to note that participants are able to choose a faster settlement time of T+0 and T+1!

In short, this means that the same day you make a trade is the same day your trade settles - returning your funds to you!

Those of you who have been riding with me since day 1 know that this could singlehandedly be the catalyst, the turning point, the inflection point (whatever you want to call it) that catapults security tokens to the mainstream on an institutional level.

Even though security tokens don't seem to have the authorization to trade just yet, this is a massive step forward!

Market participants and regulators will begin to understand the power of blockchain as they experience BSTX - once they see the T+0 settlement in action, there's no turning back.

Maybe all these years of talking about security tokens weren't for nothing after all!

🌌 The Winklevii are from a galaxy far far away

Gemini, one of the most prominent cryptocurrency exchanges, announced they were approved by FINRA for their BD/ATS 'Gemini Galactic Markets!'

In layman's terms, this means, Gemini is now fully equipped to TRADE SECURITY TOKENS!

Yeah, you read that right!

To help you understand, Gemini Galactic Markets will have the same regulatory clearance as tZERO and INX, but with a much stronger brand and treasury supporting them.

Even though tZERO and INX both have had a first-mover advantage, it's going to be tough to compete with Gemini.

Gemini has reported having over 13.6 million users, which fun fact, is actually more than Coinbase!

On top of that, according to CoinMarketCap.com, in the last 24 hours, there has been over $89M in traded volume on their exchange.

To put that into perspective, the security token aggregate traded volume in the entire year of 2021 was $92M!

Combine the userbase, trading volume, and brand value, there's no telling how far into the universe Gemini can take us!

I say screw the moon, take us to the Andromeda Galaxy!

Check out their official announcement: 

💦 What else is Drippin’

  1. Symbridge Granted Broker-dealer and ATS Membership: Another BD/ATS on the block with approval to trade security tokens!
  2. Fireblocks Raises $550M In Series E funding: Fireblocks is now the highest valued digital asset infrastructure provider.
  3. Bitcoin is Digital Property, Ethereum is Digital Security - Argues Michael Saylor: The debate of Etheruem being a security grows stronger and stronger by the day!

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