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🌶 Tokenization just got hot & Exodus is almost here!

TheXchange is launching a platform for athletes, celebrities, and talented people to monetize their success!

Check out their STO! 🚀 

Gooood morning Rainmakers!

Here's a quick roundup for all of you short-attention-span peeps 😉

1️⃣ Tokenize, But Make It Caliente: The adult industry is getting tokenized to instill trust via blockchain technology!

2️⃣ The Mass Security Token Exodus Is Here: tZERO just announced that 6,800 investors of the Exodus STO are being onboarded to their platform! It should be live in the next month or two!

Without further ado, let's dive right in and…

Get liquid 💧

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🌶 Tokenize, But Make It Caliente

Okay, Rainmakers, I know you can handle a lot, but this topic might be a little too spicy for ya…

If you can't handle the heat, I'd recommend closing your device now.

Still here?

Great, let's turn up the heat!

A Swiss-based firm by the name of bitcci is revolutionizing the adult industry.

“Jonah, hold up, was bitcci a typo?”

Nope, the founders claim the name is a combination of three words:

Bitcoin, another name for a female dog, and an Italian brand.

Definitely an on brand name if you ask me!

The mission of bitcci is to liberate the adult industry by eradicating inefficiencies by establishing a modern culture of acceptance, transparency, and trust.

This is achieved by developing new business areas and introducing blockchain technology to ensure that all participants in the adult industry feel free and safe.

In other words, pimps should start looking for a new line of work because, with a blockchain-based payment solution, there doesn't need to be an intermediary.

bitcci has much bigger plans though…

I'm talking state-of-the-art infrastructure for portals, apps, and payment solutions.

I'm talking nightclubs.

I'm talking heavy marketing campaigns.

And above all else, I'm talking security tokens.

The bitcci parent company group, bitcci AG plans to tokenize 100% of the company shares by the end of Q4 2021!

This means not only can you utilize bitcci's services you can own a piece of the whole pie!

Now that’s a spicy pie.

If you want to learn more, check it out!

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦The Mass Security Token Exodus Is Here

tZERO just announced that 6,800 investors of the Exodus STO are being onboarded to their platform.

Just two weeks ago, the INX security token went live with over 7.5K investors.

The industry is taking off and investors are flocking to security tokens.

Since then, our website, stomarket.com, has been flooded with thousands of users tracking the INX token and we anticipate the same thing with Exodus, if not more.

Per sources, the Exodus (EXIT) security token is set to go live in the next 30-60 days, which will most certainly push us past the $1B security token market cap we have been dancing around for a while now.

Here's a quick rundown on the Exodus STO:

It was the 1st-ever SEC-approved Regulation A+ tokenized offering!


  • Fundraised: $75M

  • Price/Share: $27.42

  • Type of Investment: Equity Stake

  • Trading Venue: tZERO

The fact that Exodus already had an extremely strong retail user base, it was very easy for them to raise $75 million.

In fact, the offering was oversubscribed, which means I'd anticipate consistent, strong trading volume from the parties who missed out when it goes live on tZERO.

Track the movement at stomarket.com!

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