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Morgan Stanley and Movies??

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Gooood Morning Rainmakers,

Motivational quote of the week:

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” – Mark Twain

Go kill it this week and…

Get liquid 🌊

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The security token wave is gaining momentum 🌊

Blockchain Capital successfully raised $300MM for Fund V from PayPal, Visa, and many other institutional investors.

Securitize raised $48MM from investors including Morgan Stanley who took a board seat.

Hg Exchange graduates from the MAS regulatory sandbox in Singapore.

The security token market cap hit a new all-time high.

All 4 of these things happened in the past week.

To enrich your life, each week, I search through every single inch of the World Wide Web for you, the Rainmakers.

Well, this week, it just so happens we have been given the gift of abundance! 🎁

The main theme this week has to be institutions beginning to realize the power of blockchain technology.

But it's really not the power they care about most.

It's the money.

Financial institutions at the end of the day, no matter how nice they come across, are in the business of making money.

And when a technology offers them the ability to make more money by saving billions of dollars, then it’s a no-brainer.

Don't believe me?

Here is one jaw-dropping fact:

Remember the partnership between Paxos & Bank of America to enable same-day settlement of securities transactions?

According to Paxos, when you utilize blockchain technology for securities settlement, it reduces transaction settlement fees by 70%!


Large institutions like Bank of America conduct billions of transactions daily.

Imagine the cost-savings they will have.

This past Friday, 06/25/2021, Nasdaq reported $222,911,600,239 in trading volume!

That alone should tell you that your financial future is tokenized and runs on blockchain.

Which is why Morgan Stanley just made their first-ever investment in the blockchain space with Securitize and joined their board of directors.

This is a massive sign of validation by Morgan Stanley!

They are taking a board seat because they want to be hands-on with the operations and growth of Securitize, as well as the industry as a whole.

Pedro Teixera of Morgan Stanley, who will be taking the board seat at Securitize, had this to say: “This is Morgan Stanley's first venture capital investment in the blockchain space…we make long-term investments in businesses and asset classes that are ahead of the curve…Our investment in Securitize is a sign that we believe in the growth and adoption of digital asset securities."

Now you have Visa, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, DBS, Societe Generale, and many other large financial institutional players utilizing blockchain technology to be more efficient and cut costs.

Own Your Favorite Film 🎥

What's your favorite movie?

“Jonah, I can't tell you there's no messaging ability!”

Kind of true, but DM me on Twitter or reply to this email 😎

In case you were wondering, my favorite movies have to be Inception & Interstellar (I love Christopher Nolan).

When it comes to movies, I love the ones that talk about space & time, so Interstellar was a perfect combination!

Enough about me.

I have alluded to this in the past, but I will continue to do so because I freakin’ love that security tokens enable us to own any asset we can think of.

And that includes movies.

"What do you mean by ‘own’ movies, Jonah? Do you mean like buying DVDs?”


I mean literally owning the right to the movie; this can be in the form of equity, dividends, profit-sharing, etc.

Ever wonder how movies have the ability to be produced?

The premier films you see on the movie screen every day are financed by very wealthy investors and/or elite production companies.

For instance, my favorite movie Interstellar was primarily financed by Paramount Pictures with a budget of $165MM.

It amassed $701.8MM via the Box office!

That’s a profit of $536.8MM!

The $536.8MM was distributed to all of the investors of the project.

Wouldn't it be cool if there was a way to enable thousands of investors to also get a piece of the pie…

As I am sure you already guessed and know from reading my newsletters, yes, there is a way!

A Canadian company by the name of BlockFilm is leading the way for premier movies to finance production via crowdfunding efforts.

BlockFilm is essentially a platform where movie enthusiasts can financially support producers in their efforts to accomplish their creative film aspirations.

On top of that, it's a way for creators to develop a closer bond with their fans by directly engaging with their community during the development stage.

This is unheard of.

The opportunity here is massive, not only for movie producers but for investors.

Imagine investing in one of Christopher Nolan's or Steven Spielberg's first movies…

It sounds crazy, but this is a legitimate possibility and Blockfilm is paving the way.

What else is making it rain ☔️

Game of the Week 🎯

“Guess that chart!”

Hints 💬

  • This security token has revenue-sharing rights to it

  • It's one of the first 10 security tokens to have secondary trading

  • It was a subsidiary of a US-publicly listed company

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