The Security Token Show is now on Video! 📹

Now you can see our beautiful faces every week! 😏

Good Morning Security Token Market family!

After 87 episodes in audio format, I am very excited to announce our podcast, The Security Token Show, has officially transitioned to video! 📹

Ya know, there comes a time in every business's life cycle when the only way forward is to evolve

and that's exactly what we did

Thank you, thank you

It really means a lot 😎

For every subsequent episode, you can expect the segments to be structured like this:

  1. Companies of the Week 👑

  2. Top 5 Headlines 📖

  3. Industry Updates 🏦

  4. Market Update 📊

  5. Main Topic (Different each week) 💼

Each segment will be made into its very own video to make it more digestible

Because who wants to watch a 30-40 minute video in one sitting…

I certainly don't…

Catch Security Token Show: #88 - “How Blockchain Will Transform Investing” in the video followed by all of the segments broken up below! 👇

Section 1: “Companies of the Week”

Section 2: “Top 5 Headlines”

Section 3: “Industry Updates”

Section 4: “STO Updates & New STOs”

Section 5: “Market Update”

Section 6: “Main Topic”

Keep an eye out for episode 89 next week! 👀

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