STM Presents: The Battle for the Ages ⚔️

Is XRP a security? What will happen to Ripple?

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The Unprecedented Battle for the Ages ⚔️

Some call it David vs. Goliath.

Others call it a done deal.

Personally, I call it unprecedented.

The Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) sued Ripple this past December on grounds of conducting unregistered distributions of their digital currency, XRP.

Let's get basic: XRP is a digital currency created by Ripple similar to Bitcoin and Ethereum but is used for real-time settlement for cross-border transactions. It’s supposed to alleviate the friction between parties when sending payments around the world.

Here's a great XRP overview.

For those of you who don't know, if the SEC's allegations are true, this is a BIG no no.

Just like how you wouldn't want to mess with the Zohan, you definitely don't want to mess with the SEC.

However, key members of Ripple, Larsen and Garlinghouse, have denied all allegations and are fighting back claiming XRP is not a security, but merely a digital currency.

“What the heck is the difference between a security and a currency?”

Security Definition:

Per the SEC: “Investment of money in a common enterprise with a reasonable expectation of profits to be derived from the efforts of others.”

Example: Apple Stock

Currency Definition:

Currencies are merely a medium of exchange for goods and services. In XRPs case, its claimed to be used for frictionless, cross-border payments.

Example: The US Dollar

Well, Rainmakers, I took a gander at the official SEC complaint, and I have to say, Garlinghouse and Larsen are not looking too clean…

In fact, I'd recommend having some hand sanitizer by your side to avoid feeling dirty while reading it.

Main Allegations:

  • Misleading messages about XRP to investors

  • Numerous unregistered distributions of XRP to sophisticated financial players to raise capital

  • Received a toal of ˜$1.4 billion in unregistered distributions of XRP

From a birds-eye view, it looks to me that Ripple is definitely in some grey area, which is a color you want to avoid at all costs.

and if this case couldn't get any juicier…

an ‘angry mob’ of thousands of XRP hodlers, led by John Deaton of Deaton Law Firm, who happens to be an XRP holder himself has filed a motion with the SEC to dismiss this case and deem XRP, not a security.

The irony is painful here.

One of the main objectives of the SEC is to protect the investor.

Since the SEC announced the allegations against Ripple, Deaton claims XRP holders have suffered over $15 billion in losses!

But fear no more XRP hodlers, your lord, and savior, ‘King’ John Deaton is here to save the day…


The funny thing is…

The definition of a security was established in 1946 and obviously did not take into consideration any digital currencies.

In the year 1946, we were celebrating the end of WWII, and infatuated by Marilyn Monroe 😍

This tells me we need a major revamp of what constitutes a security.

I'd predict the conclusion of this case will motivate lawmakers to create an updated version of the security definition - one that is more representative of modern times.

I'll be sure to keep you updated on this thrilling, unprecedented court case!

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