Security Token Show: #7 - Security Tokens Are Here!


Tune in to the Seventh Episode of the Security Token Show where Kyle Sonlin and Herwig Konings discuss the latest Security Token News and Insights with this week's focus on defining Security Tokens.

Non-accredited trading is here! Tzero has made a lot of Security token history but this may the biggest marker yet. Now non-accredited investors can purchase TZEROP tokens and an expectation of many more tokens to come to the Tzero platform.

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Kyle's and Herwig's Company of the Week: tZero -

= Market Topics =

tZERO to Open Security Token Market to Retail Traders Next Week -

tZERO Awarded Patent For Technology Enabling Traditional Trading Systems To Be Anchored Into Public Blockchains -

Fundamental Interactions Announces Security Token Exchange With “Sub-100 Microsecond Tick To Trade Latency” -

Globex and Antiguan Government Sign MOU to Launch Government-Bank Backed Digital Securities Marketplace -

Kik Responds to SEC Enforcement Action: “the Commission’s Complaint reflects a consistent effort to twist the facts” -

Peer-to-peer crypto lending startup Dharma pauses new deposits and loans -

Walmart mulls centralized stablecoin -

The Woz and the crypto wonga -

Security Token Offering framework comes into focus -

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Tzero Equity Performance Update -

Elite Mining INC STO -

WORBLI Announces New STO Issuance — GoldOro -

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