Security Token Show: #68 - Foreign Listings for Security Tokens


Tune in to this episode of the Security Token Show where Kyle Sonlin and Herwig Konings discuss the latest Security Token News and Insights with this week's focus on foreign listings for security tokens!

Thanks to our sponsor INX for making the Security Token Show possible! INX is the first-ever SEC-registered tokenized IPO. The company has filed with the SEC to allow for retail and accredited investor participation into a regulated exchange for cryptocurrencies, security tokens, and derivatives. The firm is currently in the midst of its own token sale, selling INX tokens directly, and has also just announced its acquisition of STO platform Openfinance network. This is the first offering of its kind, as the firm has worked diligently with the SEC to allow for participation from investors all over the world, and the fundraise is currently live! If you want to read more or do additional research on what the firm is building and how it will impact the traditional financial system, you can find out more information or invest directly through

Kyle's Company of the Week: Curzio Research

Herwig's Company of the Week: MERJ Exchange

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= Industry News =Curzio Research is the World’s First STO Token Listing on a Foreign Public Exchange:

Curzio Research Completes Listing On MERJ Exchange:

Security Tokens Come To Retail Investors:

SEC Harmonizes and Improves “Patchwork” Exempt Offering Framework:

SEC Proposal Could (Eventually) Unleash Security Token Sales:

Societe Generale Cuts Deal With Blockchain Behemoth ConsenSys To Back Its Central Bank Digital Currency Experiments With Technology, Expertise and Strategy:

ConsenSys collaborates with Banque de France digital euro partner:

StartEngine’s Secondary Market to Launch this Friday:

Crypto exchange FTX to offer 24/7 tokenized stock trading:

Next Generation Capital selects Dusk Network for Security Token Infrastructure:

Cryptosx and Soteria Capital to Join Force to Develop Security Token Market:

Security Token Issuance Firm Ignium Partners With Estonian Fundraising Platform:

Despite strong security token growth, tZERO continues to lose money:

CEO of INX Shy Datika Predicts that Volumes in Security Tokens Will Far Eclipse Those in Crypto Trading:

= STO Market Updates = Gold & Blockchain — The Perfect Combination:

INX to List First Digital Security Token on the Canadian Securities Exchange:

OpenFinance Network - Batch 22x Delisting:

Montreal-based Windermere Capital to adopt PermianChain for natural asset security tokens:

tZERO Forges Agreement with Tynton Capital to Digitize & Trade its Proposed Digital Infrastructure Fund with a Planned Offering Size of $300 Million USD:

Accelerator fund Igniter 100 announces $25 million STO with Stobox:

Security Token Market Report: October 2020:

Blockchain Professional Kyle Sonlin Argues that Security Token Market was “Unfazed” by Lower Trading Volume during September 2020:

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