Security Token Show: #66 - Detokenized Securities Explained


Tune in to this episode of the Security Token Show where Kyle Sonlin and Herwig Konings discuss the latest Security Token News and Insights with this week's focus on detokenizing security tokens!

Kyle's Company of the Week: Liquefy -

Herwig's Company of the Week: Mt Pelerin -

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= Industry News =Liquefy Gains In-Principle Approval for the First Licensed Tokenized Securities Private Financing Platform in UAE:

Mt Pelerin makes tokenized shares bankable:

Security token offerings: The next phase of financial market evolution?:

Real Estate Tokenization for Dummies:

Perspective: Institutional Adoption of STOs and Digital Assets in 2020:

Blockchain Based Asset Tokenization Market Is Booming Worldwide with Top Key Players:

Bank of Russia Seeks Limit on Amount of Digital Assets Retail Investors Can Buy:

Malta: MFSA Issues Feedback Statement To The Consultation Document On Security Token Offering:

Securitize makes acquisition to enter secondary market for security tokens Introducing Security Tokens 2.0: = STO/Market Updates =HCS Whisky Fund Security Token to List on Cryptosx:

Centrifuge Community Call #4: Tinlake v3 Demo and Revolving Pools:

SBI e-Sports to Host STO through Issuance Platform, Boostry:

LCX to Tokenize Roe v. Wade Movie:

BlocPal Selects Securitize for Issuance and Management of Mineable Security Token with Dividend Payments:

Keepp to Host Equity Based STO through Tokenization Platform, Fintelum:

Security token trading volume crashed by 60% in September:

Security Token Market unfazed by Lower Trading Volumes — September 2020 Review: = Events =[EVENT] Digital Assets Investment Conference:

[EVENT] iSTOX Investment Series: Opportunities For Alternative Capital In The Post-COVID-19 World:

[Event] Market Opportunities of Tokenized Assets & Digitized Securities - TADS:

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