Security Token Show: #6 - Defining Security Tokens


Tune in to the Sixth Episode of the Security Token Show where Kyle Sonlin and Herwig Konings discuss the latest Security Token News and Insights with this week's focus on defining Security Tokens.

There is a lot of confusion around the true definition of Security Tokens. Specifically, when it comes to utility tokens versus asset-backed tokens and both of them complying with securities regulations in issuance. The true meaning is being defined globally and the results affect matters from tax to transferability and participation.

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Kyle's (Entity) of the Week: Financial Supervisory Commission (Taiwan) -

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= Market Topics =

Poho: Polymath Launches ERC 1400 Security Token Standard (

Tokenized Asset Portfolios (TAP): A Model to Leverage Real World Assets in Decentralized Credit Facilities (

TokenSoft announces “Know Your Business” service for enhanced entity due diligence (

Coinbase-Backed Securitize Announces the Tenth Token Using Its Platform (

TrustToken Joins Instant Counterparty Settlement Prime Exchange Network (

OKEx Announces OKMSX, a Security Tokens Exchange Set to Launch in q1 2020 (, Inc. Declares Dividend of One Digital Share for Every Ten Shares Held (

World-first STO fundraising rules announced, likely October start date (

FCA Releases Guidance Report on Virtual Assets & Defining Security Tokens (

The tokenization of securities is happening right now and no one is noticing (

= Security Token Offering Topics =

Curzio Equity Owners


Dreamr STO frustrated with LAToken IEO Services

= Events covered in this episode =

Barcelona Trading Conference July 2019 Recap From STOFilter

Webinar on Security Tokens by Dilendorf & Khurdayan Livestream from July 30th 2019

Coming Up: Crypto Thursdays Security Token Meetup in NYC Thursday August 8 — discussing technical and regulatory standards with experts in the field

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