Security Token Show: #53 - US Fundraising Exemptions for STOs


Tune in to this episode of the Security Token Show where Kyle Sonlin and Herwig Konings discuss the latest Security Token News and Insights with this week's focus on the various security token offering fundraising exemptions in the United States!

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Herwig's Company of the Week: = Market Topics =R3 CEO starts LedgerEdge blockchain platform for corporate bonds:

Brussels prepares a legislative proposal on crypto-assets:

Binance Is “Operating a Recognized Market Without Authorization,” the Malaysian Securities Commission Warns, Public Advised Not to Make Investments with Such Firms:

Japanese Financial Giant MUFG to Launch Digital Currency in 2020:

Swiss Digital Bank Tackles Asset Tokenization for Fully Compliant Institutions:


WeOwn partners with Moneycorp:

Former Fintech Lead at Milken Institute, Jackson Mueller Takes New Role at Digital Asset Firm Securrency:

FIBREE Blockchain Real Estate Industry Report 2020:

A CEO’s Perspective: ‘What I’ve Learned From Building A Tokenization Platform’ Research Suggests STOs Are Better at Financing Startups than ICOs:

Security Tokens Almost Failed…:

Meet Tal Elyashiv, managing partner at SPiCE VC, and Julie Meyer, CEO of VIP:

Privacy is Being Threatened through Offerings like CBDCs – Is It Worth It?:

= Security Token Offering Topics =Bloomio Looks to Offer a Security Token, Issued in Malta:

Uni8 Venture, the first private equity firm with digital shares:

= Events covered in this episode =Singapore Blockchain Week Virtual Summit 2020:

How Many Trillions of Dollars of Assets will be Digitised by 2025?:

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