Security Token Show: #49 - Beware of Illegal Security Tokens


Tune in to this episode of the Security Token Show where Kyle Sonlin and Herwig Konings discuss the latest Security Token News and Insights with this week's focus on illegal security tokens and scams!

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Kyle's Company of the Week: Signature Bank -

Herwig's Company of the Week: The Financial Services Commission of Mauritius -

= Market Topics =Mauritius Releases Guidance for Regulated Security Token:

OfferingsTokensoft Teams With Signature Bank to Launch Real Estate: Security Token Platform:

Republic Ventures into Real Estate by Acquiring Compound:

Thai Government to Use Blockchain in Bond Issuance:

Former CFTC chair says Ripple's cryptocurrency XRP is not a security—but Ripple is his client:

Germany’s Neufund Shuts Down Security Token Platform, Saying BaFin Failed to Act:

Gibraltar’s GSX Group to Open New Digital Securities Exchange in Malaysia:

Security Tokens Launching on Wanchain:

SeedCX Refocuses Efforts on Settlement Service ‘Zero Hash’:

Alderban Launch by Polymath

Story from Tech DeFi Startups Built on Compound Weigh What to Do With $200 COMP Tokens Securities processing must continue digital transformation following pandemic:

The Tokenization Revolution Starts With Gold:

Security Token Exchanges May be the Next Phase in the Finance Evolution:

Security Token Market Industry Interviews — Jemma Xu Co-founder & Partner of RedBlock Capital:

= Security Token Offering Topics =French Fintech Firm Announces $78.5M Paris Real Estate Tokenization Deal:

Oosten Digital Securities Are Now Listed on MERJ EXCHANGE for Secondary Trading:

= Events covered in this episode =YK Law LLP U.S. Blockchain Law 101:

[Event] Will Digitising Capital Markets Create a Whole New User Experience?:

Fireside Chat – Digital Securities: 2020 and Beyond:

Singapore Blockchain Week Virtual Summit 2020:

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