Security Token Show: #48 - Central Bank Digital Currencies & Stablecoins


Tune in to this episode of the Security Token Show where Kyle Sonlin and Herwig Konings discuss the latest Security Token News and Insights with this week's focus on CBDCs and stablecoins!

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= Market Topics =Real-World Assets as Collateral for DeFi, Made Possible with MakerDAO:

MakerDAO community greenlights first 'real-world' assets for use as collateral:

How Centrifuge plans to connect real assets with the DeFi world:

Vanguard: Asset-Backed Securities Issuance via Blockchain:

Mutual Fund Giant Vanguard Wraps Phase 1 of Digital Asset-Backed Securities Pilot:

DeFi market cap doubles to $2 billion in under two months:

European bank uses stablecoin instead of SWIFT for cross-border transfers:

First Turkish-German Trade Finance Transaction on Distributed Ledger Technology:


AMTD Group Acquires Majority Stake in Blockchain-Powered Securities Exchange Capbridge:

Upvest Takes the Guesswork out of ‘Gas’:

Arweave says its new profit-sharing token scheme makes it possible to run 'inverse' ICOs:

SECDEX Group Expands with Addition of Custodial Service ‘SDC’:

Solving the Liquidity Puzzle for Security Tokens – Thought Leaders:

Lithuania Is Trialing a CBDC No One Can Use – And That’s by Design:

Ghana to begin testing central bank digital currency:

List of All Central Bank Digital Currency and Stablecoin Initiatives: digital-currency-and-stablecoin-initiatives-1bb6f6d61ea3 = Security Token Offering Topics =[STO] Tinaga Island Resort:

Celsius-BnkToTheFuture Collaborate For A $15 M Equity Offering (NOT AN STO): = Events covered in this episode =[Event] Will Digitising Capital Markets Create a Whole New User Experience?:

Singapore Blockchain Week Virtual Summit 2020:

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