Security Token Show: #22 - Tokenized Employee Stock Option Plans


Tune in to this episode of the Security Token Show where Kyle Sonlin and Herwig Konings discuss the latest Security Token News and Insights with this week's focus on Tokenized Employee Stock Option Plans (TESOPs).

This week we're going to cover a niche topic that we believe will be an emergent use case for Security Tokens. That use case is Tokenized Employee Stock Option Plans.

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Kyle's Company of the Week: TokenSoft -

Herwig's Company of the Week: Fidelity Labs -

= Market Topics = Bank Of China Tokenizes $2.8 Billion Worth Of Bonds:

The Deutsche Börse (German Stock Exchange) and HQLAX have successfully initiated trading via their jointly developed distributed ledger technology (DLT) securities lending platform:

First transactions executed on Deutsche Bourse's blockchain-based securities lending platform:

Ripple Makes Final Attempt to Dismiss Its XRP Securities Lawsuit:

The Managed Stablecoins are Securities Act of 2019 H.R. 5197: Christian Platzer, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Black Manta Capital – Interview Series:

= Main Topic = Financial Giant Fidelity Pilots Tokenized Employee Rewards Initiative:

= Security Token Offering Topics =Max Crowdfund STO Launch:

Max Property Group Crowdfunds Crowdfunding Platform With Security Tokens:

Smartlands to Digitise Own Equity and Unveils Plans For Security Token Offering in the US:

Smartlands Fundraise Link:

Greyp Bikes Closes Blockchain Managed IPO on Neufund Raising €1.4 Million:

L'Osteria Franchise STO:

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