Security Token Show: #21 - Token Price Transparency


Tune in to this episode of the Security Token Show where Kyle Sonlin and Herwig Konings discuss the latest Security Token News and Insights with this week's focus on market transparency.

Liquidity is one of the core value propositions of Security Tokens. Even though we now have a financial technology that makes the transfer of ownership more efficient and easier, it doesn’t mean that alone will create liquidity. For that, we need active markets and for active markets to emerge, we need strong price discovery and transparency for investors - we’ll discuss the topic in more detail with a big announcement later in the episode.

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Kyle's Company of the Week: HSBC -

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= Market Topics =US Lawmakers Want to Brand Libra a Security, Association Disagrees:

China could soon open the doors to security token offerings (STOs):

DUSK Temporarily Flash Crash to 22 Sats, Mainnet to be Delayed:

Financial Giant Fidelity Pilots Tokenized Employee Rewards Initiative: Former UBS Executive Launches US-Based Security Token Issuance Platform:

HSBC to use blockchain to track $20bn in private assets:

ChoiceTrade Seeks to Enter Security Token Market:

Firsthand Overview of Digital Securities Legislation in Malta:

Presidential Candidate Yang Announces Plan to Implement National Token Framework:

FinTech professional Richard Johnson leaves Greenwich Associates to start his own crypto firm:

Wethaq Completes Pilot of First Fintech Sukuk, Uses R3 Corda:

FinCEN: Stablecoin Issuers Are Money Transmitters, No Matter What:

Deutsche Boerse and Swisscom settle securities with corda and hyperledger:

Boostry Announces Launch of Security Token Platform ibet:

Japanese Conglomerate SBI Injects 7-Figure Sum Into Securitize:

SoFi founder Mike Cagney’s already well-funded new startup is raising another $100 million:

Decentralized Securities Depository, dba Openfinance, Raises $8.6 Million. Seeks Up to $50 Million:

Main Topic:Security Token Market Token Prices:

= Security Token Offering Topics =World Chess announces plans for ‘hybrid IPO’:

Sarson Fund Prepares for Raise with Vertalo:

= Events covered in this episode =Security tokens realized in New York on December 5th:

Video Recap of Overstock Investor Event on November 20th:

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