Security Token Show: #16 - Blockchains for Exchanges


Tune in to this episode of the Security Token Show where Kyle Sonlin and Herwig Konings discuss the latest Security Token News and Insights with this week's focus on private vs. public blockchains for and how security token exchanges must navigate this technology.

Today’s episode we’ll be doing a deep dive on blockchain technology for exchanges as we see more partnerships and exchanges launch more than ever before. The function and use cases differ and the need for public versus private solutions is an interesting topic to discuss or debate depending on where you stand.

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Kyle's Company of the Week: iSTOX -

Herwig's Company of the Week: Lead Real Estate -

= Market Topics =Tokyo real estate projects to be funded by tokenization ahead of Olympics 2020:

UBS managing director Choo Oi Yee to join digital securities startup iSTOX:

Liquefy partners with a consortium of Gulf families to digitize property assets for over US$ 1 billion, starting with a landmark Mayfair luxury hotel:

UPRETS to Tokenize New York RE through DigiShares:

Bank of Lithuania issues Guidelines on Security Token Offering:

Security Token Platform Polymath Improves Fee Structure:

Polymath 3.0 Developer Update #3:

Prometheum Is Building A “Wall Street For Digital Assets”:

Poloniex Branches out from Circle as ‘Polo Digital Assets’:

Industry Participants Finding Footing within Evolving Digital Securities Sector:

= Main Topic =Digital Securities Exchange Taps R3’s Blockchain for Post-Trade Activities;

tZero Backed Boston Security Token Exchange to Leverage Ethereum Blockchain:

= STO News =Spencer Dinwiddie Professional Athlete Investment Tokens: How investing $150K in Spencer Dinwiddie would actually work:

Project Crowd Fundraise Update:

AI recruitment startup Project Crowd raising money by security token offering:

= Market Update =Total Market Cap: $86,490,750

Tzero: Abnormally weak trading day today, only trading $516 total. This is following nearly $40,000 in volume on Friday, and well below their October daily average of around $5000 per day. Closing price was stable at $1.37, Market Cap $35,933,334

LDCC: No current trading action for the month of October, estimated price $0.535, Market Cap $22,891,411.475

BCAP: Also inactive thus far in October, estimated price $2.03, market cap: $12,339,807.69

SpiceVC: Led today’s market in trading volume with over $1500 traded on OpenFinance. However, there have only been three total trades in the month of October. Estimated price: $1.00, Market Cap: $8,464,689

Protos: One small trade in October, estimated price $1.28, Market cap: $4,288,225.28

22x: No October trading volume, estimated price $.50, Market cap: $2,572,284

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