Security Token Show: #1 - SEC Regulation Changes


Listen to the very first episode of the Security Token Show where Kyle Sonlin and Herwig Konings cover the latest news, offerings, and the main topic - the SEC.

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Opinion articles, interviews, and more:

= Timeline =

All articles that were discussed were sourced from’s Company of the Week: Libra -

Herwig’s Company of the Week: Coinbase -

SEC Seeks Public Comment on Ways to Harmonize Private Securities Offering Exemptions:

TokenMarket gains FCA approval to launch Securities Token Offering in the UK:

Circle and Coinbase Open CENTRE Stablecoin Network to New Members:

Cardano Founder Partners With Polymath To Build A Compliant Securities Blockchain:

Securitize Open-Sources Its Protocol, Partners With tZERO Token Exchange:

Mike Cagney, Co-Founder & CEO of Figure: The Inevitable Automation of Blockchain in Finance:

Bloomberg Terminal Lists Ethereum-Based Debt Instrument:

Blockchain: a work still very much in progress in the U.S. securities industry:

Seychelles based ‘MERJ’ to Launch Digital Securities Markets in 2019:

Coinbase Custody Now Supports Security Token BCAP:

TradeCloud Launches Its Security Token Offering (STO):

PCF Capital to Host $250 million DSO through KoreConX:

Harbor to Host STO for Rhodium Capital and their $100 Million Real Estate Fund:

Resolute.Fund to Launch Tokenized Real Estate Fund through Swarm:

Major Film Produce Secures $100M In Funding For His Firm’s Security Token:

BitBond Opens Bounty Program for Live Security Token Offering:

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