Security Token Market End of Year Report: 2020

Below we’ve included a truncated market report detailing the exchange/marketplace performance over 2020. If you’re interested in reading the full report, check out our detailed Medium post here!

2020 Closing Market Cap: $366,523,463

  • 2020 Opening Market Cap: $59,339,362.52

  • Change: +517.67%

2020 Total Trading Volume: $69,686,186.19

  • Monthly Average Volume: 5,806,947.61

  • Change: +1,105.67%

Yearly Recap

2020 was an incredible year for security tokens! After what could be described as a tumultuous 2019 for the industry, we finally saw investors begin to adopt these assets and we saw an explosion of tokenizations, with issued assets increasing 3x from last year and poised to increase exponentially in 2021. At this end of year report, the research team at Security Token Market aggregated tens of thousands of transactions to track the market and provide an oracle for pricing data for investors, enthusiasts, and obviously for the memes. Check out some interesting facts below and dive into the full trading breakdown below!

If you’re interested in reading about the headlines from 2020 in the security token space in addition to our predictions for 2021, read the interview that co-founders Kyle Sonlin and Herwig Konings conducted with Forbes last week here!

Best Performing Tokens in 2020 🔥

  • tZERO (tZERO: TZROP): +205.26%

  • Overstock (tZERO: OSTKO): +195%

  • 5942 Audubon Rd (Uniswap: REALT): +53.36% (+10.38 APY)

  • Blockchain Capital (OFN: BCAP): +51.52

  • Curzio Equity Owners (MERJ: CEO): +40% (+2% APY)

  • SPiCE VC (OFN: SPiCE): +40%

Worst Performing Tokens in 2020 ❄️

  • Lottery (OFN: LDCC): -80%

  • Protos (OFN: PRTS): -60%

  • i.AM Innovation Labs (Uniswap: i.AM): -36%

  • Mt Pelerin (Uniswap: MPS): -35.99%

  • Startupbootcamp (Nxchange: SBC): -20%

Compounding Growth

Nine tokens were live in 2019 and their YoY returns can be tracked accordingly across 2020. These nine are comprised of TZROP, BCAP, SPiCE, LDCC, 22X, PRTS, and three RealT properties: Fullerton Ave, Audubon Road, and Marlowe Street. Let’s see how these 9 tokens have performed over 18–24 months of trading:

Market Cap Growth Since 2019 (excluding new tokens): -50.39%

  • BCAP: +129.01%

  • Audubon: +52.93% (+10.38% APY)

  • Marlowe: +8.59% (+12.39% APY)

  • SPiCE: -6.04%

  • Fullerton: -6.48% (+12.76% APY)

  • 22X: -53.85%

  • TZROP: -63.75%

  • PRTS: -66.67%

  • LDCC: -95.88%

Obviously, the biggest story here is tZERO’s decline. TZROP’s market cap is larger than the 8 other tokens listed above combined, so naturally, it will have a huge effect on this number. The shares listed on January 25, 2019 at $8.75, but by the end of the first trading week, it was down nearly 50%. While the TZROP shares peaked at 8.48 in 2020, it has yet to reach all-time highs on the secondary market. Great to see the success of Blockchain Capital, which has a strong portfolio and regularly publishes investor disclosures and NAV reports. Tokenized real estate also continues to prove its value, performing strongly for the most part on the secondary market, which is in addition to 10–12% in dividends paid out yearly.

Top Exchanges / Marketplaces

1️⃣: tZERO ATS

Market Cap: $276,571,819.80

Volume: $52,300,573.00

2️⃣: MERJ Exchange

Market Cap: $37,900,023.99

Volume: $40,472.00

3️⃣: OpenFinance Network ATS

Market Cap: $29,229,149.50

Volume: $153,238.00

For a full list of all security token marketplaces and exchanges around the world, check out our full list, here!

Marketplace Breakdown:


Market Cap: $276,571,819.80

Market Share: 75.55%

2020 Trading Volume: $52,300,573

Tokens trading: 3

MERJ Exchange

Market Cap: $37,900,023.99

Market Share: 10.35%

2020 Trading Volume: $40,472

Tokens trading: 4

OpenFinance Network

Market Cap: $29,229,149.50

Market Share: 7.98%

2020 Trading Volume: $153,238

Tokens trading: 5


Market Cap: $16,160,336

Market Share: 4.41%

2020 Trading Volume: $16,164,267.35

Tokens trading: 2

Uniswap Decentralized Exchage

Market Cap: $3,085,191.50

Market Share: 0.84%

2020 Trading Volume: $1,009,636.35

Tokens trading: 11



Market Cap: 2,445,024.96

Market Share: 0.55%

2020 Trading Volume: $16,256.51

Tokens trading: 1