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Securitize Markets is live & INX partners with IPEX!

With over 1 million wallet users and a publicly traded equity on tZERO, Exodus is trailblazing the security token industry.

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As always, I have two captivating topics for you to dive into:

1️⃣ Securitize Launches Its ATS: Securitize goes live with its ATS, Securitize Markets, with an emphasis on retail trading!

2️⃣ INX Partners with IPEX: INX partners with IPEX to bring IP-backed security tokens to the INX ATS!

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📊 Securitize Launches Its ATS

Securitize was the talk of the security token town this past week.

First, they took over transfer agent responsibilities for Arca after they decided to move on from Tokensoft.

Next, they officially launched Securitize Markets - the newest ATS on the block!

Now that they have a live ATS, they are now an end-to-end solution from issuance to secondary trading for security tokens. 

We had the pleasure of having the CEO, Carlos Domingo, in our office this past week to ring the opening bell and publicly announce and discuss the launch of Securitize Markets!

Here are some cool features that the ATS will have:

  • All security tokens will be retail accessible

  • Plan to have over 100 security tokens live-trading within the first 12 months

  • Ability to fund accounts with $USDC

  • 4 tokens live right-away

Could Securitize be the missing link to the security token industry?!

tZERO from the beginning has been focused more on quality vs. quantity, which has stagnated the growth of the industry greatly, as there aren't enough high-caliber assets ready to go live.

Securitize, on the other hand, claims to be taking a very different approach (no approach is worst than the other) and plans to list 100 in the first 12 months of the launch of Securitize Markets.

That is a very ambitious goal.

I hope for the sake of the industry this goal is achieved, but for the sake of realism and managing expectations - I do not expect this, and nor should you.


The fact of the matter is everything usually moves slower than you always anticipate, especially in our industry - it's always better to under-promise and over-deliver.

That's not to say it won't happen, but I am a realist!

I am beyond elated to see assets trading on Securitize Markets and the fact that they are making the private markets more accessible to the retail demographic.

As they say, “If you build it they will come.”

The more assets that are available to trade, the more security token investors there will be.

Sign-up on Securitize - they did a great job designing their platform and it's always best to stay on top of all the investment opportunities.

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🤝INX Partners with IPEX

Security tokens represent more than just equity, real estate, and debt-backed tokens.

They represent every type of asset in the world… even exotic assets.

I'm talking supercars, wine, and even intellectual property.

Imagine investing in a security token backed by Thomas Edison's IP for the lightbulb.

Or maybe the Wright Brothers’ patent for flight.

Or even Steve Jobs’ & Apple's iPhone.

IP is one of the most untapped & illiquid industries ready to be unlocked.

In the not too distant future, there will be a way for entities and individuals to monetize their IP by offering it to a global investor base.

The Intangible Properties Exchange (IPEX) is doing exactly that!

I spoke with the IPEX team on this partnership and Mason Darabi, the Executive Chairman of IPEX had this to say:

“IP is the most valuable asset class globally. Unfortunately, the currently fragmented ecosystem surrounding it does not allow its true value to be unlocked and monetized making this magnificent asset class illiquid. The IPEX and INX strategic partnership will create a connected value chain which will serve as an end-to-end solution enabling and empowering the entire IP ecosystem through the connection of asset owners to their trusted advisors, investors and ultimately investors to secondary trading markets. This partnership marks a pivotal moment in the history of intellectual property monetization."

Hopefully, in the near future, via this partnership, you can expect to see many IP-backed security tokens trading on the INX ATS! 🤞

On top of that, tokenized IP can open up the door to more innovation, by enabling entities the ability to leverage existing intellectual property rights.


Let's play out an example:

The background:

Company A has a patent for a specific coffee-making method, which means only Company A can legally utilize this method.

This is beneficial to Company A because it creates a competitive advantage that restricts other entities from utilizing Company A's methods, but hurts Company B and C because they have to look to other coffee-making methods.

It can also limit the upside of Company A because there's no way to monetize the patent.

The how:

If Company A wanted to monetize its patent(s) to allow other entities to make coffee the same way, they can do this by tokenizing the IP.

This would create an IP-backed security token that enables shareholders (Company B & C) to use the same coffee-making method of Company A.

The Result:

Company A still gets to make coffee the same way, but also cashes out by allowing shareholders the rights to the coffee-making method, which in turn let’s Company A invest in R&D via the proceeds!

This will be one of the most intriguing asset classes to watch and a great opportunity for investors to diversify their portfolios!

Stay tuned! 👀

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