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1️⃣ INX Goes Live: The highly anticipated security token, INX who raised $83.6M from 7.3K investors during its IPO, has officially commenced trading and doubled in value!

2️⃣ Retail adoption is here: Security tokens democratize the capital markets so that everyone can get a piece of the pie and have an equal opportunity to reach financial independence!

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🚀 INX Moons On Launch Day

The highly anticipated security token, INX who raised $83.6M from 7.3K investors during its IPO, has officially commenced trading on the INX Securities marketplace and has since doubled in value!

The 7.3k investors who participated in the IPO must have had a little extra kick in their step this weekend.

For those of you who don't know, here's a very quick overview:

The INX token is backed by the INX Securities ATS, which is a fully registered digital asset marketplace for trading cryptocurrencies, security tokens, and other blockchain-based assets.

They were able to receive approval from the SEC as a foreign firm to conduct the first-ever security token IPO!

This isn't just any IPO though, INX security token holders are not equity hodlers, but rather have the right to distributions via revenue-sharing.

To put this into perspective: This was the first tokenized IPO in United States history since the first IPO in 1783 - that's 238 years of traditional IPOs…

INX is paving the way for the security token future.

On top of that, they are working hard to make security tokens accessible to the masses not only by enabling retail trading on their platform, but by dramatically lessening trading fees!

Co-founder and CEO of INX, Shy Datika had this to add:

“This listing of our registered digital security, trading on the blockchain, makes history. Blockchain securities are the future, and INX is leading the way. In my opinion, digital security trading fees have been at ridiculously lofty levels in this space. For digital securities to gain true acceptance, they have to be accessible to all, with low fees."

The fees are now only 0.2% for all security tokens listed on the platform, down from 2.5%, which is significantly less than other platforms!

There is a seismic shift approaching at supersonic speeds in the financial world.

Are you ready?

If you aren't fully equipped for this revolution, it's okay, you have to come to the right place, I got your back!

📍Retail Adoption Is Here

The INX security token just set a precedent for the future of the capital markets.

The precedent being issuers now have the legal approval to raise capital from retail investors via tokenized offerings!

To put this into perspective, private investment opportunities have always either been exclusive to accredited investors or required a personal connection.

Until now.

Security tokens are democratizing the capital markets so that everyone can get a piece of the pie and have an equal opportunity to reach financial independence.

It's a going saying that the financial industry is the slowest when it comes to innovation, but hats off to regulators for what they have accomplished in such a short time.

No, seriously, take your hat off and respect the SEC 🎩

Let's go back in time 9 years.

On April 5, 2012, acting president, Barack Obama, signed the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (JOBS), bill into law.

Let's get basic on the JOBS Act:

The JOBS Act, which is also sometimes called the crowdfund act, was essentially created for private companies to solicit investment opportunities to the public.

This was the first time in United States history you could raise capital via crowdfunding and solicit the offerings at the same time!

Imagine Johnny Appleseed and Ashley Orangeseed both owned a small, local restaurant.

At their restaurant, they have a strong community of college kids and young adults that are always there buying food and hanging out. Due to the fact that these loyal customers fall into the retail investor demographic, Johnny and Ashley can leverage the JOBS ACT and issue equity to their loyal customers, in order to reach their capital raising goals!

Read more on it here.

But, let me make something very clear, security tokens leverage the ACT, they are not the ACT.

If Johnny and Ashley wanted to issue tokenized shares to their loyal customers, then it is a security token - keyword, tokenized.

There has already been a multitude of companies leveraging these rulings, but a much smaller percentage are tokenized.

The SEC has been slow to approve tokenized offerings, but in the past year, they have been much more accepting:

  1. INX IPO

  2. Exodus, one of the most prolific cryptocurrency wallets, raised $75 million from US retail investors via a tokenized offering. It is set to commence trading on the tZERO trading platform very soon.

Now that the SEC has authorized tokenized offerings, the barrier has been broken.

Get ready to witness many more private companies following suit!

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