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Luxembourg stock exchange has recognized security tokens!

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1️⃣  🏚 NFT your house 🏡: You can sell your house via an NFT!

2️⃣  😇 TradFi has a SOL, after all: The Luxembourg stock exchange is now tracking the Societe Generale issued bonds!

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🏚 NFT your home 🏡 

On the other side of the 'blockchain' we are seeing innovation with NFTs and security tokens.

You may have noticed many issuers are either naive or full-on breaking securities laws through the fractionalization of NFTs.

After all, NFTs are 'Non-fungible tokens,' which means there can't be more than one of them, but there are still creative ways to monetize.

Not too long ago, Tech Crunch Founder, Michael Arrington, NFT'd his home for 36 ETH!

In order to make this happen, Arrington worked with a company called Propy - a fintech platform disrupting the real estate industry.

They created an LLC for his Kyiv, Ukraine-based apartment and had to sign proprietary-developed legal papers for NFTs to transfer ownership to all future buyers.

Arrington and Propy paved the way for the future, as they now have a fully-operational NFT platform for real estate.

The second rendition of NFTs for real estate is happening this week in Tampa Bay, Florida!

Essentially, an LLC that owns 100% of this home is being auctioned off. Whoever wins the auction will own the LLC, which owns the home.

Per the offering site, this is what we know:

  • It’s a Florida-based investment property
  • You will own a U.S. based entity that owns the property
  • The NFT = ownership rights and it will be stored in your crypto wallet
  • The sale will happen via blockchain auction, and the starting price is $650K.
  • It is NOT FRACTIONAL ownership

This is yet another innovative use case for blockchain technology and real-world assets!

If you are interested in bidding, it starts at $650K and they accept crypto!

Stay tuned for updates!

😇 The Luxembourg Stock Exchange has a SOL

I know it seems as though people who work in traditional finance seem to lack a soul, but I'm here to tell you that's not true anymore.

The national exchange of Luxembourg (LuxSE) recently made headlines as having one big security token soul... or should I say SOL 😉

They became the first nationally recognized exchange to host security token data via their Securities Official List (SOL).

The SOL is essentially a database for registered securities that are governed by the LuxSE.

Although the trading of these security tokens is not permitted yet, it is a monumental moment in our industry that a national exchange is displaying price and asset visibility right on their site!

"So, what security tokens are tracked?"

A couple of years ago, one of the largest banks in the world, Societe Generale, issued two bonds on the Ethereum blockchain and one on the Tezos blockchain.

They weren't sold to anyone outside the firm but were more used as an experiment to see if future blockchain issuances are a viable solution.

Let's get basic on these bonds:

As of now, the LuxSE SOL will only be tracking debt-based securities.

LuxSE has taken a massive step forward for adoption and we thank them for it.

Hopefully, soon we will see more security tokens added to the SOL and traded as well!

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