Introducing... What's Drippin' 💦

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What's up Rainmakers,

I wanted to cordially welcome you to the very first newsletter brought to you by Security Token Market and Head of Communications, Jonah Schulman.

After falling asleep reading a wide array of boring and dry newsletters…

I decided I wanted to shake things up.

What's Drippin’ will always have a fun and casual tone, while also being informative and insightful.

Before I pump out any content, let me tell you a little bit about myself:

You can call me Captain Jonah, as I will be guiding you through the unchartered security token waters.

“What do I do?”

Great question.

Professionally, I am Head of Communications at Security Token Market working on democratizing the global financial markets, as well as bringing joy to your day.


  • I've run a marathon cold without training, skydived, and traveled to 21 countries

  • Rode the crypto boom craze of 2017-2018 while working with a blockchain platform out of China and traveled the world speaking at conferences

  • This lead me to build amazing connections at the Security Token Group and has been an absolute honor and pleasure to help grow the brand and industry as a whole

You can rely on my newsletter showing up in your inbox every Monday hot and ready just for you.

Looking forward to spreading the security token gospel, as well as connecting with you all :)

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See you tomorrow!

Security tokens are the future.

Do you want to capitalize or sit on the sidelines?