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Let's talk SPVs & OSL - the Hong Kong trailblazing security token marketplace

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Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) 🚖

Have you ever wondered how you can invest in supercars, paintings, individual real estate properties, or unique asset types in general?

Like, really think about it.

For example, when you invest in a supercar, you don't put your money in the glove compartment and just assume you are an investor… at least I don't.

When you make an investment, you are actually investing in a company that owns the asset(s).

For instance, in one of my previous newsletters, I discussed how you can own supercars for a fraction of the price, but in order to actually own an equity stake in the car, you have to invest in a company that owns the car.

This ‘company’ is what we call a ‘Special Purpose Vehicle' or SPV for short.

You can think of an SPV as a subsidiary of the parent company.

Let's get basic:

SPVs are essentially an easier way to raise capital via crowdfunding by adding multiple investors to the cap table, while at the same time minimizing risk to the parent company by establishing a completely different entity and balance sheet.

Read more here to dive deeper.

Kyle Sonlin, Security Token Market CEO, explained it well: “They can be efficient structures to manage a syndicate of investors and offer faster liquidity, because the SPV represents a legal structure that allows investors to group together and act as a corporation instead of a group of individuals, presenting many functional benefits to investors.”

This is what we are seeing happen in the security token space.

Here is a prime example of a sucessful SPV:

The marquee 5-star hotel, St. Regis Aspen Resort utilized the SPV legal structure.

The owners of the resort were looking into financing solutions and came to the conclusion that conducting an STO was the most feasible one.

They established an SPV (subsidiary to the parent company) that represented 18% of the property.

Through this SPV, they successfully raised $18 million via the Regulation D 506(c) private securities exemption from a group of accredited investors.

The shares of the SPV are now trabable on tZERO and you can track the live-trading data on our site at stomarket.com.

So, in essence, if a company or an individual owns an asset and they want to liquidate it, all they have to do is set up an SPV.

I mean if your Van Gogh painting is just collecting dust and for some reason, you don't want it anymore, this is a very legitimate solution for you and one that we will see time and time again.

Something to think about :)

Everyone, please give a warm welcome to OSL 👏

To be quite honest, I am not for certain what OSL stands for.

Maybe it's Orangutang, Stupendous, Legendary.

Nah, that can't be it.

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter very much, I got your attention, didn't I? 😉

Now that I have your undivided attention and curiosity.

Let's dive into OSL.

OSL is Asia’s largest digital asset platform, providing prime brokerage, custody, exchange, and SaaS services for institutional clients and professional investors.

They were the first approved platform in the Hong Kong jurisdiction to have legal approval to trade security tokens!

On top of that, they were audited by the Big Four auditing firm, PWC, which greatly added to their reputation.

OSL positioned itself correctly to obtain licensure from the SFC (Hong Kong's SEC equivalent), by following all of the required compliance and regulatory rulings.

However, none of this would have been possible, if it wasn't for the SFC and the legal clarity they implemented for the Hong Kong digital asset industry.

As I alluded to in previous newsletters, companies will be less inclined to participate in business activities that are in grey areas.

Not only does doing this waste time and resources, but you can also land in hot water with the regulatory authorities, which is a big no no.

You either comply or die.

Now that regulatory clarity has been granted by the SFC, Hong Kong is ready to blossom.

And that's exactly what we witnessed just a couple of weeks ago…

OSL conducted Hong Kong's first security token transaction!

The token that traded was the Blockchain Capital (BCAP) token.

It has been trading on the OpenFinance marketplace since March of 2019 and hasn’t traded anywhere else to my knowledge.

Track BCAP's live-trading data here.

There is an inflection point imminently approaching in the financial world.

If other countries don't follow suit, they will be left in the dust.

What else is making it rain ☔️

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