📈 Friday Forecast: Crypto is Key to Small Business Growth This Year

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Gooood Morning, Rainmakers! ☀️

I hope everyone's had a great week so far. There's A LOT that has happened in the last few weeks but don't you worry, we're here to help cover some of it for ya!

Let's look at this week's forecast 💦

1️⃣ Security Token Advisors Client Spotlight: PRIZM Art Fair showcases physical and digital works through NFTs exploring Black Existentialism 🎨 

2️⃣ Security Token Market Top 5: The State of Security Tokens is released, tokenized pension funds, and more 🌴 

3️⃣ Leak of the Week: Crypto is Key to Small Business Growth This Year 📈

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Now let's dive in!

🎨 Security Token Advisors Client Spotlight: PRIZM

PRIZM Art Fair LLC currently hosts and runs an art fair in Miami, as well as a website that allows artists to display and sell their works to buyers from around the world.

Mikhaile Solomon, the founder, director, and curator at PRIZM, said the theme of this year’s PRIZM Art Fair is Black Existentialism: interrogating what it means to be Black and African from a global context.

She said the art featured at her recent fair evaluated what it meant to be Black, as it exists without any social pressure from the dominant culture in any country.

Collectors at PRIZM now have the opportunity to purchase digital art via NFTs.

What are NFTs though? 

I dont know what NFTs are

Let's get basic on NFTs:

NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, are simply digital records of ownership of a piece of work on the blockchain.

In this case, the NFT's record will begin with the artist and update with each transaction for the lifetime of the art.

These, like crypto, run on the blockchain for transparency and convenience.

So, how do artists and collectors benefit from these? 🤔

Well, by issuing an NFT, the artist will receive a royalty every time the NFT/art gets sold.

This is completely automated thanks to the blockchain!

Everyone benefits!

Cool, huh? 😎

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🌴 Security Token Market Top 5

Click on the title of any one of these to learn more!

  1. The State of Security Tokens 2022 was released this Monday by Head of Research Peter Gaffney! Whether you're new to security tokens or been around the block(chain), there's something in there for you!
  2. What's the Metaverse? Great question! Yves explains it for you.
  3. Tokenize This features pension funds this week and Peter Gaffney makes the STM Top 5 again!
  4. The Block Journal covers the basics of token investing this week. The token advisor himself, John Pittman, covers the top 4 ways to invest in 2022. Check it out!
  5. Token Tuesday this week covers INX. STM Analyst Sam Sachs believes they are full steam ahead as far as market dominance!

📈 Leak of the Week: Crypto is Key to Small Business Growth This Year

A survey reported that 73% of small and medium businesses (SMBs) agree that digital payments will be crucial towards their growth this year!

Out of those 73%, 24% are seriously considering allowing crypto payments, such as bitcoin. 

Let's think about recent events:

The pandemic enclosed people, creating a higher demand for digital payments. A whopping 90% of the surveyed businesses with an online presence credit their survival toward increased digital-payment initiatives.

With this in mind, guess who just announced an effort to iterate digital payments?

YOU GUESSED IT (I hope)...

Visa! They are partnering with ConsenSys to bridge the gap between traditional payment systems and central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).

This is a great combination of digital payments and crypto: per the stats I mentioned above!

I'm all for SMBs, I'm all for crypto, so I'm all for this partnership too!

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