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It's my 25th birthday! I dropped knowledge 💣s in this one

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Goood morning Rainmakers,

This week, we are taking a different route.

The Rainmaker route.

Rainmakers are people who seek more from life by taking the unconventional route…people like you and me.

I am changing things up this week, as I wanted to make this one a bit more personal. 

This edition is inspired by The Profile by Polina Pompliano and her most recent newsletter edition talking about the life lessons she has learned for her 30th birthday.

This past Saturday I turned 25 and although I am still young, I believe I have experienced much more than the average person.

Here are some of the life lessons I have learned along the way!

Even this baby seems to find it interesting.

  1. Don’t underestimate your mental strength: You ever wake up one day and decide to run a marathon with zero training? You haven’t?? Well, I guess that makes one of us 😂

    2.5 years ago in January of 2019, I ran the Miami Marathon cold - zero training went into it. In fact, I decided to run the marathon 1 month prior after someone close to me told me it was dumb and I’d get hurt. Don’t get me wrong, I am a fit person, but I am in no way close to marathon shape - I actually dislike running, but I love a mental challenge. This triumphant effort helped me realize that your mind can push you to places you didn’t think were remotely possible. 

    Takeaway: Challenge your mind.

  2. Figure it out later: There is a famous quote by Richard Branson that I live by.

    It goes like this:

    It may be terrifying to say yes to something you are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with, but on the other hand, if you don't take the opportunity, then you risk the chance of it never arising again.

    In 2018, I had my ‘Richard Branson’ moment while working for a blockchain platform out of China. I remember it vividly - we were messaging in our group chat and someone said that the company had paid for a sponsorship slot at this cryptocurrency conference in Brazil, but had yet to choose the team to attend.

    I remember I was lying in bed at night.

    My heart was racing.

    I knew deep down this was a rare opportunity that may never arise again and that I should take it, so I did. I replied I am available to go and they said yes. I flew all expenses paid to Brazil to be the keynote speaker on behalf of the company with less than a week to prepare. Was it scary? Yes. Was it worth it? Absolutely. 

    Takeaway: Say yes.

  3. Life is better outside of your comfort zone: For those who know me, know I am a huge advocate of pushing my boundaries, whether it’s through physical pain (a marathon), facing my fears head-on (speaking at a conference in a different country), or taking risks, I’m always seeking growth.

    And for those of you who don’t know me, growing up, I was more on the cautious side of things. Then I got to college. I was sick of feeling that way, so I did something about it! I would actively go to public places to desensitize myself from social anxiety by forcing myself into countless and often awkward situations until it became easier. I realized after every time I left my comfort zone there was nothing to fear. The anxiety and trepidation were all in my head.

    Takeaway: Push your boundaries and continue to push them - you will learn, grow, and become a much happier person.

  4. One small bold act can drastically alter the timeline of your life: There have been countless times that one small courageous act drastically changed the trajectory of my life for the better.

    Here are a couple of them that stand out to me:

    While I was studying at Indiana University, there was a gym attached to my building where I would work out at. Every time I was there, I would see this super jacked 6 foot 7 bodybuilder. One day I gathered the courage to ask him a question about fitness. He was very generous with his advice and even offered to work out together. I said yes and we began working out for the next year. Those were some of the best months of my life. He became a mentor of mine and helped me develop my mental fortitude.

    On top of that, there was this girl I was fond of at my old employer, but she was dating someone. On my last day, I told her I had feelings for her and she ended up feeling the same way - now we are together and I couldn't be happier. It's important to put yourself out there, in a respectable way of course, because you never truly know what the future holds.

    Takeaway: Take that courageous step - the worst thing that will happen is that you regret it and that to me is the greatest pain of them all. 

  5. Be adventurous and seek perspective:

    Eric Thomas, one of the most famous motivational speakers, said something one time that really stuck with me: “I came to Australia to get an upgrade. When I go back my wife will notice a difference, my kids will know a difference — why? I'm obsessed with improvement!”

    Traveling and experiencing new things and cultures is vital to personal growth as well as advantageous for business. The perspective you gain from other cultures is extremely beneficial for critical thinking outside of the box.

    If you don’t leave your environment, you will never know how anyone else lives, and will hinder your growth and potential.

    Takeaway: Invest in yourself via travel and experiences around the world to advance in life!

Together, as a team of Rainmakers, we will change the world for the better. Our first mission is to revolutionize the financial system via security tokens reaching the mainstream.

We are on the way there and things are heating up fast!

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