🛤 The rails are here & regulation is speeding up!

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As always, I have two incredible topics for you to dive into:

1️⃣ Juneteenth Museum - the Social Movement Token: An issuer is repurposing the Customs House historic site into "The Customs House – Juneteenth Museum.” to bring more awareness to the Juneteenth Holiday!

2️⃣ The rails are here & regulation is speeding up!: Two jurisdictions have formally approved two more security token exchanges!

Without further ado, let's dive right in and…

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🏨 Juneteenth - the Social Movement Token

You have heard it time & time again - security tokens are a revolutionary technology.

They open the capital markets to a global investor base - enabling everyone to get a piece of the pie.

But, there's a lot more you may not know.

What I love most about security tokens is the ability to raise capital from a large audience.

Whether its from a loyal community or for a cause that many people care about, security tokens and US capital raising laws allow private issuers to seamlessly meet their fundraising objectives via crowdfunding.

Let's get basic on crowdfunding:

It's really simple.

It's when companies raise funds from the ‘crowd’ or in other words from a lot of people.

Official definition: Crowdfunding is the use of small amounts of capital from a large number of individuals to finance a new business venture.

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A corporation by the name of ‘June 19 Museum’ is leveraging security tokens for something really powerful & meaningful.

👉The security token will represent an investment in a social movement aimed at eliminating the scourge of slavery, in all its forms, throughout the world.👈

As you probably guessed from the name it has to do with the Juneteenth Holiday.

Juneteenth commemorates the emancipation of African-American slaves in the United States and is considered the longest-running African American holiday.

This is the plan:

The June 19 Museum was founded to develop world-class tourist destinations dedicated to the Juneteenth Holiday. The purpose of the seed round of funding is to acquire the 1861 Customs House in Galveston, Texas. The company is transforming the Customs House historic site into "The Customs House – Juneteenth Museum." This new center will feature a boutique hotel, restaurant, and educational activities that support the national celebration of Juneteenth. It will also be an "experiential museum" that will use virtual and augmented reality to celebrate global diversity and inclusion through the stories and historical significance of Juneteenth.

Terms of the offering:

Seed round funding goal: $3M

Series A funding goal: $10M - after seed round closes

Exemption: Reg D 506(c) - enables you to general solicit to U.S. accredited investors

They have partnered with Dealbox to help advise with their offering.

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🛤 The rails are here & regulation is speeding up!

In just the past week, two jurisdictions have approved two new marketplaces to operate as a security token exchange!

This means that there are going to be two new security token marketplaces with live-trading data on stomarket.com!

Two new marketplaces:

  1. SIX Digital Exchange (SDX) - regulated in Switzerland by FINMA - the Swiss government body responsible for financial regulation. 

  2. Bitfinex Securities - regulated in Kazakhstan, which will have the Exordium and Blockstream security tokens available to trade!

For SDX it took three long years to finally receive approval.

This is incredible news to see that Switzerland, one of the most forward-thinking countries, has officially approved a blockchain-based exchange.

Their official press release stated:

“This authorization enables SDX to go live with a fully regulated, integrated trading, settlement, and custody infrastructure based on distributed ledger technology for digital securities. With these licenses, SDX can now offer the highest Swiss standards of oversight and regulation.”

The US needs to provide regulatory clarity soon or Switzerland & other jurisdictions are going to attract more issuers to domicile elsewhere.

In the US, the regulatory landscape for all blockchain-based assets is beginning to become a mess with minimal rulings.

And one continent over from Switzerland, Kazakhstan is just another jurisdiction gaining market share, after Bitfinex was granted approval for its security token marketplace!

It is quite interesting to see Bitfinex choosing Kazakhstan especially because according to their press release, the United States, citizens or residents of Canada, Switzerland, the British Virgin Islands, Venezuela, Austria and Italy are prohibited from trading!

US investors wanting to invest be like:

It appears that Bitfinex already has two security tokens that will be available to trade!

I really appreciate the fact that Bitfinex already has two security tokens.

A lot of time security token ecosystem participants receive regulatory approvals with nothing in the pipeline.

The approvals are great and all, but having companies in the pipeline will drive traffic & revenue to companies more.

Regulatory approvals will not.

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