😮 Special Announcement

STM Releases New Community Platform

Goooood Morning, Rainmakers!

I know we already sent this week’s What’s Drippin’ but there’s another cloud coming and it’s full of rain. That’s right, we have more news and its ours!

Security Token Market is officially launching its Discord server for the community to connect with each other and the STM Team! From Q and A’s with us to fighting about which token is the best, this Discord has a channel for everything.

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Let’s Get Basic: What’s a Discord Server?

According to their website:

Discord is a free voice, video, and text chat app that's used by tens of millions of people ages 13+ to talk and hang out with their communities and friends

People can talk about art projects, family trips, or even gaming! There are endless purposes for having one and the STM Team has found…. well several… to host one of our own!

So what can I find or do in your Discord?

I’m glad you asked! Our Discord has text, voice, and stage channels. Most of them are open to all with a few exclusive ones.

Let’s touch up on a few!

☝️ #security-token-trading-and-speculation

This channel is dedicated towards talking about your favorite token, ATS, exchange, or anything related to Security Tokens. Maybe you feel a certain way about one and want others opinions? or maybe you just want to play devil’s advocate. Either way here’s the perfect place to do it!

Defend your position but no rough housing please… our moderators will be watching👀

✌️ #STM Speakeasy

Those of you that have been with us for some time now know we have held the Security Token Speakeasy on various platforms.

We started on Clubhouse but that limited access only to those with iPhones. Then we moved to Twitter Spaces… but technical difficulties made it impossible. Say hello to our new (and hopefully last) platform —> Discord STM Speakeasy

Wait I’m new, what’s the Speakeasy?

I’ll tell you what it’s not: It’s not STM’s illicit liquor store or nightclub

Historically The STM Speakeasy is where Security Token Show co-hosts Kyle and Herwig break down that week’s main topic with industry leaders along with moderator Keith Smith.

Join us every Thursday at 5pm EST for the best conversations in the space and ask questions directly to the experts!

3️⃣ #cryptocurrencies-nfts!

We know a lot of our community is also huge on crypto and NFT’s so we made an off-topic channel just for that! Whether you’re talking Dogecoin, which Ape you have, or how they cross paths with tokens, you can do it all here and not leave our server.

Why would we want that? Because we recognize the whole ecosystem is collaborative, not a competition to see who’s better. But once again, feel free to debate your point 🥊 😏

These 3 are great! What other channels are there??

One way to find out! Don’t miss out on engaging with our team, competitions, content, & the inside scoop on security tokens.

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Stay tuned for some fun to come VERY soon… see you there!