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Circle is now a 'Unicorn' and Nigeria has entered the ball game

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Here's a quick roundup for all of you short-attention peeps:

Circle, the financial services firm best known for being the principal operator of USDC, just became a Unicorn via a SPAC deal 🦄

Chaka, a financial services firm out of Nigeria, has officially joined the security token revolution as the first Nigerian digital securities trading platform!

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Circle Is Now A Unicorn 🦄

It wasn't long ago that the CEO of Circle, Jeremy Allaire, and our very own Herwig Konings shared the stage as panelists at the Securitize security token conference last month.

Circle enables businesses to use digital currencies and public blockchains for payments, commerce, and financial applications, and you may know them best for being the principal operator of the digital currency, USDC.

Little did we know they were about to become a company worth 4.5 billion dollars.

Yes, I know, it's crazy, the valuations of all the firms in our industry are skyrocketing!

Concord Acquisition Corp., a publicly-traded company on the NYSE is ‘SPACing’ Circle, which will make Circle a publicly-traded company and catapult them to ‘Unicorn’ status.

The deal is expected to result in gross proceeds of up to $691 million.

Once the deal closes, which is anticipated in Q4 of 2021, Circle will be listed on the NYSE under the ticker symbol “CRCL.”

“Wait Jonah, what is a SPAC?”

I'm elated you asked!

Let's get basic:

SPAC stands for ‘Special Purpose Acquisition Company.’

They are essentially a publicly-listed shell company - this ‘shell’ is ‘hollow’ until it acquires a private company.

The ultimate goal of the majority of firms is to go ‘public’ but in order to go public, it’s an extremely costly and cumbersome process.

Going public via the SPAC method is like buying a platinum pass at Six Flags Great America - you get to bypass the long wait and reap the rewards in an easier and faster manner!

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Anyways, that’s the gist, carry on with your day :)

Nigeria Has Joined The Security Token Family 🇳🇬

Chaka just became the first digital securities trading platform out of Nigeria!

They were approved by the Nigerian SEC, which means they can now operate as a sub-broker to trade local companies!

Let's get basic:

A sub-broker is essentially the middleman between investors and brokers. Their main role is to bring investors to the brokers.

The main difference between a broker and a sub-broker is that brokers are the middleman between investors and the actual exchange - sub-brokers work usually for brokers to bring the brokers investors.

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CEO of Chaka, Tosin Osibdou, who is an alum of the University of Pennsylvania and Dartmouth, noticed that Nigerian citizens had limited access to the capital markets.

He decided to take this issue into his own hands and bring financial inclusion back home to Nigeria.

That's what prompted the idea for Chaka.

Chaka enables Africans to invest and trade Nigerian, US, UK, and international Stock Markets, and support foreign investment in the Nigerian stock market.

Some of their investors are founders and early investors in Facebook, Spotify, Flutterwave, Andela, Paystack, and more.

Day by day, more and more nations are realizing the power and benefits of security tokens for globalization, as well as within the confines of their nation.

The fact that more and more nations around the world are moving away from the legacy system and towards security tokens, is a testament to the future we are heading for.

Stay tuned for the future! 🌍

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